By Daniel Wheeler

   Have you suffered a loss recently or in the past that you are having difficulty coping with? Did you know that grief is a normal human reaction to loss? Any time we experience a loss, whether it is the death of a loved one, the loss of a job or home, a divorce or separation, loss in status or lifestyle, our freedom or health, some degree of grief will naturally occur. This book is designed to give you a general understanding of what grief is and how the grieving process works in easy-to-understand layperson terms. Areas covered are: Anticipatory Grief, Complicated Grief, Reactions to loss, Addiction and Suicide, Sadness and Yearning, Frustration and Anger, Worry and Anxiety, Guilt, Circumstances that cause loss, Adjusting to a New Life, Living Alone, Loving Again, Reinventing Yourself After a Loss, Finding Purpose Again, and Healing Your Heart. You will also learn proven coping techniques that will help you find happiness, joy, peace of mind, and contentment, in your life once again.
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In this book, Daniel Wheeler has found that magical combination of relaying the cold, hard facts of life, with ample information for compassion-filled healing. Daniel Wheeler has brought into the world information which will ease anyone’s journey on this complex drama we call human existence.

 ~ Reverend Doctor Mara Leigh “Coach” Taylor ~  Founder Getting Out By Going In

My initial thought as I read Daniel Wheeler’s Grief and Grieving: a Godsend. And that it is! Those in the throes of grief and grieving are on a spiritual  journey, albeit disguised and therefore too often misunderstood. Daniel guides us towards an appreciation of this special journey, with its inescapable emotions, and equips us with an understanding that increases  our capacity to endure its pain. 
~ Melvin M. Moore, Ph.D.  ~ Clinical and Consulting Psychologist

Straight talk about dealing with loss.  A straightforward, helpful, unpretentious read. Even if you're not in mourning, this book discusses loss of all types: a job, a pet, friends--anything that can plunge you into sadness, anxiety, or anger. I found the advice practical and calming. So many self-help books hide their nuggets of good advice in thick layers of padding and hype. This book does NOT do that. That makes it a quick read that gets right to the point. 
~ V. Kall  ~ Author and Published Writer 

Excellent read! I highly recommend this book. It has helped me to get through the loss of a family member. I have read quite a few books on grieving and by far this is the BEST. It helps ease your pain. It was very comforting. Don't wait buy this now and help yourself and maybe even family members. 
~ Reader Seaangel ~

I  have read a lot of self help books in the past and I have to say this is the BEST!! It's not just for people you have lost love ones, but it is extremely helpful for almost every situation. I sold my skin care business of 20 years. I was burnt out and needed a change. Little did I know that I would go through a grieving process. This book was the only thing that go me through. I highly recommend this book. BUY IT NOW and help yourself heal. 
~ Reader Skinwiz ~

This book was very helpful. I never thought about losing my job or home as being a type of grief but the feelings you go through are the same whether you lose a loved one, a pet or other major losses. This book has helped me immensely in dealing with the passing of a girlfriend I had known for 30 years. I highly recommend this book.
~ Reader Anonymous ~