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As an author, writer, publisher, or self-publisher of a book, whatever category your book may be classified as, or whatever genre it may represent; a Book Video Trailer can be a fun and effective tool for promoting your book. 

A book trailer is a short video of a book. It is a commercial about your book. Just like a movie preview is a commercial to get you to watch a full length movie. A Book Video Trailers needs to reflect the mood of the book, give enough information to entice a customer to buy (without giving away the whole plot) and above all catch the viewer’s attention. 

A Book Video Trailer usually runs up to three minutes and it includes text, images, and music.  Some are more elaborate than others and may also include prerecorded video clips within the body of the trailer, as well as, actors portraying characters or visually recreating scenes from the book. Even authors sometimes add a video clip of themselves talking about their book, especially if it is a non-fiction book. 

I recommend keeping the Book Video Trailer shorter rather than longer in length, because the viewer may get bored and confused if you have too many images and details about your book that make no sense to a viewer who has not read your book. If you think of your Book Video Trailer as being a commercial for your book, keep in mind that this is already longer than any television ad or commercial. 

Grief and Grieving Book Trailer

How To Get Started

As an Indie Author, I know how important it is to get the word out about your book. A good book trailer can help. Based on our initial consultation via telephone, email, or in person (depending on your local), and your requirements and expectations, I can offer you a detailed estimate of the cost to have your book video trailer produced.  Working with you and your ideas I can create a book trailer for you at a very reasonable price that meets your budget.  

I can take the frustration out of the task of  getting your book trailer made, by doing all the set-up, editing, video overlaying, and adding the audio, musical, and visual elements that  make your book trailer come alive. All you need to do is provide me with your ideas, details about your book, photos, or material that you would like to include, based on our consultation and my recommendations,  and then sit back and enjoy writing your next story, while I do the rest.  

I will also provide you with a formatted video file and a one time upload to your YouTube channel and an upload to a maximum of three social media pages. I will also provide you with web link addresses where your book video trailer can be viewed, that you can send to your email recipients and/or place on your website pages.  

Are you ready to take that next important step in promoting your book, with a custom made Book Video Trailer? If you are interested in finding out more details about how I can help you get your Book video Trailer out there and noticed by potential readers, please feel free to contact me by email at: daniel  or by using the form on our CONTACT page, or by calling our telephone number: 310-780-3428. Please leave a message with your name and call back number, if we do not answer. Your call is important to us and we will return your call as soon as possible. Thank you.

Book Video Trailer Background Music Services

As a musician and composer, I know how important a good soundtrack and music score, including sound effects is to polishing off a good Book Video Trailer.  I can compose, record, and include, at a reasonable additional charge, a custom background musical score for your Video Book Trailer that is appropriate for your genre and  story.  We can discuss my very reasonable rates during our consultation meeting, and the price can be included in the initial estimate, based on your needs. 

Of course, you can provide your own music or someone else's musical composition, as well as, a purchased private or public domain musical compositions, as long as you have permission to use the score and are not infringing on anyone's copyrights. I can explain the do's and don'ts during our initial consultation and provide help in this area, if you find a composition that pleases you from another source.

Examples of Our Video Trailers
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