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Welcome to the web site of Author and Life Coach Daniel Wheeler. Where ever your horizon takes you. We have the tools to help you along the way.

Do you have dreams that you want to turn into reality? Are there personal qualities that you want to develop or release? Do you want to speed up your growth process? If your answers are yes, than we can help.

The Founder and Executive Director of Horizon Consulting and  Productions is Daniel Wheeler.  Daniel is an Author, Independent Book Marketing Specialist,  Intuitive Counselor,  Life Coach, Hypnotherapist,  and Reiki Practitioner. Daniel is the author of, "Grief and Grieving: Understanding Grief and the Grieving Process". He is also an  International Recording Artist, Composer and  Singer/Songwriter. Together with your willingness and his guidance, you can integrate your goals and manifest them. You can reverse unwanted behaviors. Let go of fears and phobias. Develop skills and attributes you've always wanted.  Achieve positive results.

Coaching and Mentoring

In a safe, comfortable and warm environment, we combine proven Transformational Tools, such as, Self-Awareness training, Group and One-On-One Life Coaching and Mentoring services, Corporate Coaching, Personal Re-inventing Strategies, Hypnotherapy, Reiki services, Positive Reinforcement, Behavioral Modification through Personal cognition, as well as Resource and Support referrals. All this with sensitivity and emotional support to help transform you into your highest potential self. Support and help with:  Relationships ~ Weight loss ~ Weight Control ~ Stop Smoking ~ Relaxation ~ Meditation ~ Memory Improvement ~ Recall ~ Insomnia ~ Personal Loss ~ Grief and Grieving ~  Stress Reduction ~ Concentration ~ Creativity ~ Career ~ Motivation ~ Performance Anxiety ~ Study Habits ~ Self Improvement ~ Regressions ~ Past Lives ~ Spiritual Growth ~ Chakra Balancing ~ Reiki,  and More !

Corporate Services

We also offer Corporate, Business, and Group services. Do you want to build a better sales force? A stronger team?  We specialize in working with business owners and management teams to open up new avenues of creativity in strategic thinking. We focus on enhancing alignment between company leaders and company mission, as well as, empowering employees to  rise to their highest potential. This is a powerful formula for success and innovation. Enlightened  Team Mentoring  puts you and your Business or Organization back on track! We also offer the same professional workshop and mentoring services for Private and Public Organizations, Foundations,  Schools and Institutes, Church Groups, and Non-Profit Organizations.

Compact Discs

Within the sounds of nature there are naturally occurring sounds and rhythms that we often take for granted, going un-noticed to our conscious mind.  These sounds can have a calming or stimulating effect on our senses. Rain in a pine forest. Birds singing. Ocean waves breaking. Distant thunder. Tropical rain forests. Rivers and streams. Sounds of nature’s creatures.

All these elements effect our own bio-rhythmic patterns. They can fill our thoughts with memories of places or events that have occurred in our past, or take us to places yet to be explored, opening our imaginations to new horizons. The music of the future is not just music. It is the healing magic of psycho-acoustic sounds as well.

Horizon Productions has created an audio playground in which to explore our own feelings and emotions through creative visualization and music, by combining natural, environmental sounds and elements with synthesized rhythms and melodies to create the perfect atmosphere in which to meditate and relax. We offer Easy Listening, Meditation, Relaxation, and Self-Hypnosis CDs, composed and performed by Daniel Wheeler.  Visit our Compact Disc page to listen to samples and/or purchase. Also visit Daniel's Discography page for a listing of audio and video recordings, compact discs, video productions,  and collaborations, that feature Daniel's compositions and performances.


From Newsletters and Articles to Published Books and Workshop Manuals, Horizon Consulting and Productions has a large assortment of interesting reading  material and literature on a variety of subjects  i.e., healthier living, personal growth, social consciousness, self-awareness, music, and creativity, to name just a few. Powerful tools to empower  individuals to make positive changes in their lives. Many Articles are archived within this web site and can be read on-line. Visit our Publications  page for more information, articles, and links. Books and workshop manuals can be purchased through our site as well. 

Performances and Media

The Founder and Executive Director of Horizon Consulting and Productions, Daniel Wheeler is continually composing and creating soundtracks, backup vocals, sound elements, and music for productions and electronic media projects.  Daniel has also produced fourteen original meditation, easy listening, and hypnosis compact discs. Produced various compact disc recordings for counselors and self-help practitioners i.e., Yoga, Reiki practitioners, and Hypnotherapists.  Daniel's  music compact discs are sold in the United States, Canada, and Japan. Daniel also performs live acoustic music for entertainment at various locations and venues. Visit our Performances and Media page for more information, or Daniel Wheeler's page for his biography.

Workshops and Seminars

We offer group workshops, and seminars on a variety of interests and topics at various locations and venues. From Corporate sales and business success strategies to personal development and self-awareness workshops. We can design a workshop, lecture, or seminar to meet your needs, or you can attend one of our scheduled events on a wide range of diverse subjects. Visit our Workshop and Seminar page for more information on the services we have to offer. 


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