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Welcome to the web site of Author, Composer, and Independent Book Marketing and Self-Publishing Specialist Daniel Wheeler. Where ever your horizon takes you. We have the tools to help you along the way.

Self-Publishing Services

We offer Self-Publishing support and services to Independent authors, writers, teachers, students, instructors, professionals, laypersons, and anyone that has the desire to have their written works published. Whether it is your first time Self-Publishing, or you have published in the past, but do not have the  time and technical resources to get your book to print, we can help. Please visit our Self-Publishing Services page for more details.

Book Marketing Services

We offer Independent Authors and Publishers Book Marketing Services at reasonable rates. From Press Releases, Email Announcements, Social Media page set-ups, and review queries, to library and institute cataloging, book distribution channels, and book talk  queries; we have the resources to get your book on it's way to being discovered and read!

Book Video Trailer Services

Book Video Trailer is an advertisement and commercial about your book, just like a movie trailer or a commercial for a product on television.  Video Book Trailers are fast becoming a powerful marketing tool to get your book noticed and to get  people interested in reading your book. A custom designed Book Video Trailer can be viewed from your website, social media sites, and video upload sites, such as, You Tube.  Visit our Book Video Trailer Services page for more details.

Compact Discs

Within the sounds of nature there are naturally occurring sounds and rhythms that we often take for granted, going un-noticed to our conscious mind.  These sounds can have a calming or stimulating effect on our senses. Rain in a pine forest. Birds singing. Ocean waves breaking. Distant thunder. Tropical rain forests. Rivers and streams. Sounds of nature’s creatures.

All these elements effect our own bio-rhythmic patterns. They can fill our thoughts with memories of places or events that have occurred in our past, or take us to places yet to be explored, opening our imaginations to new horizons. The music of the future is not just music. It is the healing magic of psycho-acoustic sounds as well.

Horizon Productions has created an audio playground in which to explore our own feelings and emotions through creative visualization and music, by combining natural, environmental sounds and elements with synthesized rhythms and melodies to create the perfect atmosphere in which to meditate and relax. We offer Easy Listening, Meditation, Relaxation, and Self-Hypnosis CDs, composed and performed by Daniel Wheeler.  Visit our Compact Disc page to listen to samples and/or purchase. Also visit Daniel's Discography page for a listing of audio and video recordings, compact discs, video productions,  and collaborations, that feature Daniel's compositions and performances.


From Newsletters and Articles to Published Books and Workshop Manuals, Horizon Consulting and Productions has a large assortment of interesting reading  material and literature on a variety of subjects  i.e., healthier living, personal growth, social consciousness, self-awareness, music, and creativity, to name just a few. Powerful tools to empower  individuals to make positive changes in their lives. Many Articles are archived within this web site and can be read on-line. Visit our Publications  page for more information, articles, and links. Books and workshop manuals can be purchased through our site as well. 

Performances and Media

The Founder and Executive Director of Horizon Consulting and Productions, Daniel Wheeler is continually composing and creating soundtracks, backup vocals, sound elements, and music for productions and electronic media projects, including background music for video book trailers.  Daniel has also produced fourteen original meditation, easy listening, and hypnosis compact discs. Produced various compact disc recordings for counselors and self-help practitioners i.e., Yoga, Reiki practitioners, and Hypnotherapists.  Daniel's  music compact discs are sold in the United States, Canada, and Japan. Daniel also performs live acoustic music for entertainment at various locations and venues. Visit our Performances and Media page for more information, or Daniel Wheeler's page for his biography.


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